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Mother’s Day at Plastic Surgery Associates

Heather Furnas, MD, dancing with her son and daughter when they were young in ballet leotardsMany of our patients are mothers, as are many of our employees, so we take a particular interest in Mother’s Day. Throughout the year mothers drive their kids to school and activities, they pack lunches Monday through Friday, and they bring snacks on weekends for all those sports teams. They heal wounds with kisses, they beam at recitals, and they cry at graduations.

For 364 days of the year, Mom is just Mom. But since 1914, when President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed the second Sunday of every May to be Mother’s Day, Mom is celebrated for a day. Usually with brunch. Or flowers. Or breakfast in bed.

Brunch and flowers are nice, but sometimes mothers want something unique and thoughtful for that special day. In order to give you some ideas, the mothers of Plastic Surgery Associates and Allegro MedSpa have shared what they want, and here’s what they say:

Kirstie, RN, Plastic Surgery Nurse

Kirstie, RN, our plastic surgery nurse, in sunglasses, with Lyla

Kirstie, RN, our plastic surgery nurse, with Lyla

“I want sunshine, a hike with the family, a nice but casual dinner out, and for my kids to all be happy and get along. 😉 ”

Keri, Patient Coordinator

Keri, our patient coordinator, standing next too tall Mitch

Keri, our patient coordinator, with Mitch

“I would like my handsome son to shave off the beard he’s been growing since last November!”

Julianna, Receptionist

Julianna, our receptionist, kissing little Addie

Julianna, our receptionist, with Addie

“All I want for mother’s day is a clean house and a long nap!” (It’s the little things.)  🙂  ”

Tara, Practice Administrator

Tara, our practice administrator with Marlon and the boys, Dante and Hunter

Tara, our practice administrator with Marlon and boys, Dante and Hunter

“Mother’s day is so special to me.  I feel very fortunate to be one and have a warm relationship with my sons.  We will celebrate by doing some of my favorite things like flying,  going to the beach or a museum and then we will head to Catelli’s in Geyserville for dinner (if you haven’t’ been you really should try it!).   What do I want for Mother’s Day?  Why, UltraShape of course!  As a busy professional, mother, and grad student in her 40’s,  I’m finding that exercise and a good diet haven’t been able to keep my waistline just as shapely and trim as  I would like.”

Danielle, Allegro MedSpa Receptionist

Danielle, our Allegro receptionists, and Shaun Jr.

Danielle, our Allegro MedSpa receptionists, with Shaun, Jr.

“I love being this little man’s step-mama. My idea of a perfect Mother’s Day would be spending the day with my family, BBQing a delicious feast!”

Debby, Surgical Technician

Debby (with daughter Rebeeca, and grandsons Calum and Connor), all holding string instruments

Debby, our surgical technician, with daughter, Rebeeca, and grandsons Calum and Connor)

“I want a Mother’s Day picnic at the beach with my three children and all the grandkids.”

Carolyn, Nurse Practitioner

Carolyn, our nurse practitioner, and her young kids

Carolyn, our nurse practitioner, with Zoe and Zef

“As a mom of two small & BUSY kids, I would LOVE a day of complete quiet! But honestly, just a fun day at home working in our garden is what I would ask for. <3”

Chantal, Aesthetician

Chantal, our aesthetician, and her daughters

Chantal, our aesthetician, with Elyse and Kyndal

“My favorite Mother’s Day traditions are sleeping in and spending time with my family. Of course a spa day and mimosas aren’t bad either.  🙂  ”

On My Own Wish List

Dr. Heather Furnas, Dr. Francisco Canales, seated in front of their standing kids, Diego and Siena

Heather Furnas, MD and Francisco Canales, MD with Diego and Siena

Now that our kids have flown the nest, and the days when I danced with my little ballet dancers are long gone, my special request is a texted photo of each of them with their friends. That way I know that while they’re off in the world, they’re enjoying their lives and surrounded by people who care about them.

What Do You Want for Mother’s Day?

If you have a suggestion for a Mother’s Day gift, please share it in the comment form below. Many thanks.

Happy Mother’s Day!



Dr. Heather Furnas

About Dr. Heather Furnas

Inspired by watching her plastic surgeon father operate in African bush hospitals, Dr. Heather Furnas followed in his footsteps, training at Stanford and serving on the Harvard clinical faculty. She and her husband, Dr. Paco Canales, practice together in Santa Rosa, California, where they raised their two children. (To learn more about their practice, visit She believes an informed patient is more likely to be a happy patient and is committed to providing that education. If you have any suggestions for topics you'd like to learn more about, she would love to hear from you!

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4 Responses to Mother’s Day at Plastic Surgery Associates

  1. Jules says:

    I’m so fortunate to have so many beautiful mom friends to learn from. I think as moms it’s so important to just stop and see how great our gain has been in this most challenging and beautiful journey that is parenthood. There is now this indelible change in me, and I will never be the same. Feeling blessed doesn’t begin to describe it!!

  2. sharonrays says:

    Nice blog. I like it.

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