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How to Fight Underarm Sweat- Stay Dry with MiraDry

The problem: dreaded underarm perspiration and odor. We all have been there. You don a beautiful, new dress or shirt for a special occasion and, when you check in the mirror, there are tell-tale white deodorant stripes that have already ruined your outfit. And who has not been at a job interview or stressful social occasion when one starts to feel perspiration dripping and soon the entire underarm area is soaked with an obvious stain. Ever been fearful of hugging a friend or relative because you fear they may smell your underarm odor? Now, there is a solution!  MiraDry is the only non-invasive solution that is FDA- cleared to permanently eliminate the sweat and odor glands from your underarm area.  MiraDry uses energy to target and destroy the underarm glands that are responsible for sweat and odor. Better yet, it is done in a doctor’s office in a treatment that is non-surgical, quick and essentially pain-free.  So if you are tired of ruining clothes with sweat stains and deodorant marks, and you are  ready to drastically reduce sweat and odor from your underarms, MiraDry is a solution that has immediate and permanent results.

Dr. Francisco Canales

About Dr. Francisco Canales

Born in Mexico and raised in Puerto Rico, Dr. Canales initially set out to be a heart surgeon after losing his father at a young age. He swam internationally for his native Puerto Rico, including at the Montreal Olympics in 1976. Educated at Harvard and Stanford, he is now a plastic surgeon in practice with his wife, Dr. Heather Furnas.

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