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Defy Gravity without a Facelift!

Want to defy gravity without having a facelift? Want to look younger with no downtime? Ulthera might be just what you’re looking for. As an FDA-cleared device, Ulthera kicks up the face’s own collagen production, resulting in visible firming and tightening. And the downtime? That’s the best part: there is none! Ulthera is an ideal solution for people on the go or those not ready for surgery. This truly cutting-edge technology targets finely tuned ultrasound pulses deep to the skin, resulting in greater tightening than skin lasers can deliver. The results are very natural and can be seen in the lower neck, jawline, and brows.

Ulthera requires no anesthesia, takes only 30-60 minutes to complete, and there is rarely any bruising or significant swelling. Although a visible result can be seen immediately, the skin continues to tone, firm, and tighten over the next six months.  As good as you look immediately, you’ll continue to look better and better! To really enhance the results, many patients combine Ulthera with other non-surgical treatments, like fillers or Botox. The combined results can be remarkable, all while avoiding the knife. Of course, Ulthera cannot produce the dramatic results of a surgical facelift, but at a fraction of the cost and no downtime, it is a safe alternative for many who are looking to be refreshed without actually having surgery.

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Dr. Francisco Canales

About Dr. Francisco Canales

Born in Mexico and raised in Puerto Rico, Dr. Canales initially set out to be a heart surgeon after losing his father at a young age. He swam internationally for his native Puerto Rico, including at the Montreal Olympics in 1976. Educated at Harvard and Stanford, he is now a plastic surgeon in practice with his wife, Dr. Heather Furnas.

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2 Responses to Defy Gravity without a Facelift!

  1. Phil Blair says:

    I am 52 and would like to do something about my sagging neckline. Can Ulthera work on loose neck skin? What is
    the downtime and cost?



    • Dr. Furnas says:

      Ulthera works on minimally loose skin. It delivers great results in good candidates, but people with looser skin won’t get noticeable results without surgery. There results get better and better as the skin continues to tighten over a period of about six months. There is no downtime for Ulthera, and the cost varies between $1200 and $2500. It is usually considered to be a one-treatment procedure, but patients with looser skin sometimes wish for a second treatment four to six months later to boost the initial results.

      Thanks for writing, Phil.


      Dr. Furnas

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