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Plastic Surgery, Right or Wrong?

Nurse checking patient in before surgery

A 23-year-old woman who’d wanted a breast augmentation for years was upset because her parents opposed her surgery. “I wish you loved your body the way it is,” “That’s so superficial,”  “You’ll regret it!” they said. She was living with them while …
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9 Features of a Safe Operating Room

Operating Room, Accredited for Patient Safety

  If you’re having plastic surgery, you’re probably putting 100% of your focus on choosing your surgeon. But where you have your surgery is as important as who does your surgery. An excellent surgeon is likely to operate in a …
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Building a Face, Nurturing a Soul

Building a face; patient with bandaged face looking in mirror.

In September, 2007, US Navy SEAL Lieutenant Jason Redman lost much of his face to machine gun fire while in Iraq’s Al Anbar Province. He’d been leading a unit to search for a high-ranking al-Qaida leader with a lusty appetite …
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Learning Sunscreen Basics in an Elevator

Beautiful woman wearing hat and sunglasses with her sunscreen

“You have a tan,” my professor noted as I joined him in the hospital elevator. I was a fourth-year medical student at UCLA enjoying two glorious weeks of a nonsurgical rotation. With easy eight-hour days and free weekends, I was cycling, running, and swimming…and …
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A Helicopter Crash and the Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Heather Furnas leaning against a helicopter wearing a helmet on R & R Day after Plastic Sgery Cleft Lip and Palate Mission

When you’re looking for someone to do your plastic surgery, choose a board-certified plastic surgeon. Yah, yah, yah, you’ve heard it before. Articles about choosing a  plastic surgeon can make YOU bored-certified. So scratch that, and let’s talk about a helicopter crash. …
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When Family Objects to Plastic Surgery

Woman in a patient gown as Plastic Surgery Patient

Plastic Surgery: Right or Wrong A 23-year-old woman who wanted a breast augmentation recently wrote Dear Abby(1). She’d wanted surgery for years and could finally afford it. As a teacher, she planned to have the surgery during the summer. The …
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A Race for Raquel

Raquel, smiling and bald from chemo, and Leah

A great scrub technician performs an operation in her head so she can have the next instrument ready before the surgeon asks for it. Not long after she finished training, Raquel began working as a surgical tech in our operating …
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Mother’s Day at Plastic Surgery Associates

Heather Furnas, MD, dancing with her son and daughter when they were young in ballet leotards

Many of our patients are mothers, as are many of our employees, so we take a particular interest in Mother’s Day. Throughout the year mothers drive their kids to school and activities, they pack lunches Monday through Friday, and they bring …
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A Most Special Patient

Toddler Siena sliding down a slide

A few months ago a patient came in for a consultation. After I’d spent the allotted appointment time discussing her concerns, she pulled out three pages of “ask-your-plastic-surgeon” questions she’d found from a Google search. She began reading. I had other patients waiting, so I …
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Inside Plastic Surgery Associates

Plastic Surgery Associates Team

On a sparkling, sun-drenched Friday, Plastic Surgery Associates of Santa Rosa closed its doors and gathered off-site for its Second Annual Strategic Planning Event. Such meetings may be common for many businesses, but they’re rare among plastic surgery practices. I’ll …
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