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The simultaneous appeal and danger of everything “mini.”

Francisco Canales, MD and Heather Furnas, MD in surgery with scrub tech, Carrie, all with sterile gowns, gloves and surgical masks and caps

Not a day goes by without a patient asking if they qualify for a mini tummy tuck, a mini facelift, or a mini breast lift. It is easy to see the appeal of a mini operation. A shorter incision, less …
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1.Is your surgeon a Board-certified Plastic Surgeon? Once you have decided to proceed with breast augmentation, your choice of surgeon is probably the most important decision you will make. The answer to the above question should be a short, definite …
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The Plastic Surgery Team

Photo courtesy of Alex Robertson, who appeared in rowing scene of the movie, "The Theory of Everything."

  A Team Sport Plastic surgery isn’t a single-person endeavor. While the plastic surgeon is the one planning the operation and holding the scalpel, it takes a team for a major case to go smoothly and safely. A typical surgical team consists …
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Why Scars Blush

A red scar fades with the tincture of time

A scar is nature’s zipper. It closes up rents in the skin with a waterproof closure. A Scar Is Born Plastic surgeons create scars every time they do invasive surgery, though part of their art is to hide them in folds, …
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9 Features of a Safe Operating Room

Operating Room, Accredited for Patient Safety

  If you’re having plastic surgery, you’re probably putting 100% of your focus on choosing your surgeon. But where you have your surgery is as important as who does your surgery. An excellent surgeon is likely to operate in a …
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9 Lessons from Botched!

Is this collage of eyes and mouth on a different face the New Botched! TV Star?

Interested in starring on a T.V. show? Sounds like fun…unless that show is Botched!. Billed as the reality T.V. show where you can “get your disaster plastic surgery fixed,” Botched! has taken off. Averaging 1.5 million viewers, it’s now in …
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Jimmy Fallon’s Finger Rules

Woman's wedding band is caught on a nail, threatening the finger.

On June 26, Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon tweeted, “Tripped and caught my fall (good thing!) Ring caught on side of table almost ripped my finger off (bad thing).” Plastic surgeon David T. Chiu spent six hours working under a Christmas-tree-sized …
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Learning Sunscreen Basics in an Elevator

Beautiful woman wearing hat and sunglasses with her sunscreen

“You have a tan,” my professor noted as I joined him in the hospital elevator. I was a fourth-year medical student at UCLA enjoying two glorious weeks of a nonsurgical rotation. With easy eight-hour days and free weekends, I was cycling, running, and swimming…and …
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A Helicopter Crash and the Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Heather Furnas leaning against a helicopter wearing a helmet on R & R Day after Plastic Sgery Cleft Lip and Palate Mission

When you’re looking for someone to do your plastic surgery, choose a board-certified plastic surgeon. Yah, yah, yah, you’ve heard it before. Articles about choosing a  plastic surgeon can make YOU bored-certified. So scratch that, and let’s talk about a helicopter crash. …
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Tummy Tuck Basics

Dr. Heather Furnas explaining a tummy tuck to a patient

As I stepped into an exam room to see a post-operative patient last week, I noticed she her smile as broad as the keys of a grand piano. She wasn’t just happy; she was excited. Could it be the tummy tuck she’d had …
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