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Our Plastic Surgery Black Thursday

CoolSculpting, Fraxel, ColoreScience reps doing demos and teaching.

Last Thursday was our fifth annual Black Thursday event at Plastic Surgery Associates of Santa Rosa, and, boy, did we have fun! Patients called our practice all year long to find out the date. Why all the excitement? Because each year our guests …
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Favorite Skincare Products of Our Plastic Surgery Staff

Ever since the ancient Egyptians lined their eyes with kohl not only to look more beautiful, but to protect against eye infections and evil spirits, humans have sought healing powers from skincare products. Even today plastic surgeons who achieve wonderful …
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5 Things to Know about Botox and Fillers

With Botox and Fillers, the goal is to look better not done. While we all can allow for the occasional wrinkle, lips that make you look like a duck and a face that does not move are to be avoided.
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Venus Legacy?s is a new, non-invasive system whose energy combines RF + MP (Radiofrequency and Magnetic Pulses). It smoothes cellulite and tightens skin, diminishing wrinkles.
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New, Faster Laser Hair Reduction!

Imagine having a laser hair reduction treatment that is quick with minimal discomfort! That?s what our newest model of the Lumenis LightSheer DUET is like. You don?t even need topical anesthesia.
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What Men Want

Men are jumping into the plastic surgery arena in ever greater numbers. Wanting to look their best in both their professional and their personal lives, men are finding more and more options to help them achieve their goals.
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Luscious Lips

Lip lines are caused by the muscle just beneath the skin. Fortunately we have a lot to offer!! Ulthera, Fx laser, Lip fillers & Botox are some of the options.
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What’s new in Plastic Surgery for 2013?

Ulthera has done a nice job of non-surgical tightening of the face and neck using ultrasound waves, and we?re thrilled to announce that those ultrasound waves can now be delivered with greater patient comfort.
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In the neck of time: Sidelaze and other neck tightening tricks

After years of exposure to gravity, suddenly the neck becomes the central focus of our attention as we see the sagging skin, the vertical bands, and the soft tissue that inhabits areas where we once saw sharp angles. The good news is there are solutions!
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Stress-free Wedding Planning

As a bride-to-be, I?m the first to admit that looking good and feeling fabulous are my top priorities. I thought I?d share a few tips I?ve picked up in case you or someone you love want to look your best on the Big Day (or some other splashy event)!
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