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6 Medspa Tips for a No-Makeup Look

Plastic Surgery Associates & Allegro MedSpa Staff at a Clear + Brilliant™ & Fraxel™ Laser Event

The new no-makeup look is taking off. In fact, it’s soaring. Pale lips and bare faces are everywhere: on runway models; inside fashion magazines; and in movies with stars like Jennifer Anniston, Reese Witherspoon, and Marion Cotillard. Do a quick Google search of “no makeup …
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Favorite Skincare Products of Our Plastic Surgery Staff

Ever since the ancient Egyptians lined their eyes with kohl not only to look more beautiful, but to protect against eye infections and evil spirits, humans have sought healing powers from skincare products. Even today plastic surgeons who achieve wonderful …
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“I Never Thought I’d Have Plastic Surgery!”

The woman wasn?t vain or insecure. She wasn?t trying to chase her long-lost youth. There wasn?t even a great life event, such as a divorce, an engagement, or a newly empty nest. She simply didn?t like seeing and feeling her lower face hanging below her jaw line.

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Plastic Surgery Training Day

Allegro RN Training day 4-9.4.14

> Plastic Surgery, RN Training Day We love training days, like the one we had today. As plastic surgeons, we attend conferences and courses to learn about new techniques, new products, and new technology, but we also arrange outside training …
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Top 5 Cosmetic Procedures in the USA

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Venus Legacy?s is a new, non-invasive system whose energy combines RF + MP (Radiofrequency and Magnetic Pulses). It smoothes cellulite and tightens skin, diminishing wrinkles.
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Plastic Surgery, Confidence, and Leaning In

What does overcoming fear have to do with plastic surgery? Everything. We love to see the physical transformations our patients undergo. The most common comment we hear is, ?This has done wonders for my self-esteem.? One of our patients said, ?I was never lacking in confidence, but after my breast augmentation, I?m on fire. I say things at meetings I never would have had the guts to say before.?
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Luscious Lips

Lip lines are caused by the muscle just beneath the skin. Fortunately we have a lot to offer!! Ulthera, Fx laser, Lip fillers & Botox are some of the options.
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What’s new in Plastic Surgery for 2013?

Ulthera has done a nice job of non-surgical tightening of the face and neck using ultrasound waves, and we?re thrilled to announce that those ultrasound waves can now be delivered with greater patient comfort.
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The Chinny Chin Chin Implant

Who do you think might benefit from a chin implant: A patient with a small chin bone or a patient who wants a facelift to improve the looseness of her lower face and neck areas? If you said both, you?re correct.
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