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When Family Objects to Plastic Surgery

Woman in a patient gown as Plastic Surgery Patient

Plastic Surgery: Right or Wrong A 23-year-old woman who wanted a breast augmentation recently wrote Dear Abby(1). She’d wanted surgery for years and could finally afford it. As a teacher, she planned to have the surgery during the summer. The …
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Saline Breast Implants and Deflation

Woman smiling at a purple balloon

“The Safe Implant” Years ago when patients said, “I want the safe breast implant,” my husband and I knew what they meant. Salines. Saline implants weren’t perfect. They rippled, they were heavy, and they felt like plastic bags filled with water (because they were). …
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Plastic Surgery: A Shame Game?

Woman reading tabloid magazine about celebrity plastic surgery

Some of plastic surgery’s biggest fans are its critics. Take the Daily Mail, for instance. In October, 2014, their headline screamed,  “What HAS Renee Zellweger done to her face?” Readers gobbled it up, responding with 3,600 comments. People love to hate …
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Rejuvenating Sagging Breasts

Plastic Surgeons Heather Furnas, MD, and Francisco Canales, MD

If you come across the recent Bathing Suit issue of Sports Illustrated, look closely. Some of the models have sagging breasts. Let’s face it. Breasts sag. Eventually almost all but the smallest breasts sag as the skin, breast tissue, fat, …
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Donut Mastopexy

A woman holding two donuts represents a play on words for donut mastopexy.

(AKA Circumareolar Mastopexy or Areolar Reduction) Guess which tool plastic surgeons use when performing a donut mastopexy: A) A rolling pin B) A flour sifter C) A cookie cutter D) None of the above Believe it or not, the answer is …
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Rice Test & Breast Augmentation

To test for desired breast implant size, the Rice Test with tight shirt tests 8 ounces in each bra cup.

A 30-year-old woman I’ll call Amber came in for a consultation. She was a typical breast augmentation patient. Tall, slender, and athletic, she couldn’t fill a 34-A bra. Shopping for bras and bathing suits was so frustrating, she sometimes left the store fighting …
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Plastic Surgery: The First Step

Dr. Heather Furnas is evaluating a patient's face.

She told me her desired cup size, a C, and that?s what she ended up with. But afterwards, she was broken hearted. Now that she no longer had heavy breasts to cover her large abdomen, her husband berated her daily. Her neck and back pain were gone, but her breast reduction resulted in a different problem. I learned a valuable lesson about exploring the patient?s wishes in depth and trying to anticipate the impact of surgery,
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Top 5 Cosmetic Procedures in the USA

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Plastic Surgery On The Cheap

The most important choice a patient ever makes prior to having cosmetic surgery is the plastic surgeon she chooses. Patients will sometimes intensively research the price of a procedure, when more emphasis should go to the surgeon?s results, experience, and qualifications.
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Breast Implant Wars: Why Silicone Gel is Winning

When we do a breast augmentation, we can use either silicone gel or saline implants. There was a time when we used saline implants almost exclusively, but not anymore.
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