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Mons Pubis Reduction

Many women are embarrassed about a prominent mons, but they don’t even know what to ask about. Most of our mons patients come in telling us they are embarrassed to wear a bathing suit or tight pants because they fill the area out like a boy. So what is a mons? The mons area lies over the pubic bone and usually has a small pad of fat meant to protect the bone if it gets bumped. But sometimes that pad becomes a target for fat cells, and it grows and grows until it bulges in an area women don’t want to bulge.

Luckily there are solutions. Liposuction is the most common treatment. Usually done under local anesthesia, liposuction can significantly reduce even large fatty deposits. When the fatty deposit is large enough to stretch the skin as it droops, a monsplasty is the best option. In a monsplasty, both extra skin and surplus fat are removed, reducing the bulge and give the area a lift as well. There’s also a great nonsurgical option: CoolSculpting. By freezing the fat cells, CoolSculpting can reduce the fatty bulge by 20 to 25% with no downtime! The procedure can be repeated in those who are candidates for further reduction.

A bulging mons is a source of great distress to a lot of women, and it’s a relief for them simply to know they aren’t alone and that something can be done. The best thing about a mons reduction and a monsplasty is the impact it has on our patients? lives. Flattening that area frees them up to wear bathing suits in the summer without being self-conscious, and they no longer feel like they have to wear long shirts over their pants. What a relief!

Dr. Heather Furnas

About Dr. Heather Furnas

Inspired by watching her plastic surgeon father operate in African bush hospitals, Dr. Heather Furnas followed in his footsteps, training at Stanford and serving on the Harvard clinical faculty. She and her husband, Dr. Paco Canales, practice together in Santa Rosa, California, where they raised their two children. (To learn more about their practice, visit She believes an informed patient is more likely to be a happy patient and is committed to providing that education. If you have any suggestions for topics you'd like to learn more about, she would love to hear from you!

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4 Responses to Mons Pubis Reduction

  1. Sherry George says:

    I want to make an appointment to remove the fat in the Mons Pubis area. I feel like I’m a boy I can’t wear a bathing suit and clothes that are tight I’m to embarrased.

  2. nelly says:

    I would like to know how much is the cost for mons pubis surgical?


    • Dr. Heather Furnas says:

      The range for surgery depends on geography and surgeon, but generally runs about $3500 to $6000. If there is no excess skin, less expensive noninvasive treatments, like CoolSculpting, may be an option for some. To find out for sure, look for a board-certified plastic surgeon who is trained to do both liposuction as well as a surgical mons-plasty so that you are guided toward the procedure that’s best for you.

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