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Freeze the Fat Away with CoolSculpting

The hottest new fat-buster is really cool, and it just got better (and cooler)! Newer, smaller heads allow new areas to be treated and results to be even more noticeable. Developed by Harvard researchers, CoolSculpting slims down fat deposits by cooling the fatty tissue. Requiring no needles or numbing cream, CoolSculpting is a non-invasive, FDA-approved treatment that freezes fat cells without damaging the outer skin, and it only takes about an hour!

The popularity of CoolSculpting around Marin and Sonoma Counties is surging, especially among people who aren’t interested in surgery, have busy schedules, and who are not too far from their ideal body weight. The most common areas treated by CoolSculpting are the abdomen and the muffin top, which is a common complaint of both women and men. It also works for “bra fat” and, in the future, may work in the inner thighs. Because CoolSculpting has no down time, it’s easy to arrange around work schedules, family and other obligations.

On the day of treatment, patients can bring their laptops and get some work done at the same time. The process is simple, and patients typically notice results after just one treatment, with further improvement within the first few months.

While CoolSculpting won’t replace liposuction for some parts of the body, it’s a great step forward in the expanding repertoire of noninvasive technologies, and we’re thrilled to be able to offer it to our patients. It’s a great complement to that New Year’s resolution to exercise, eat right, and chill!

Contact us online to find out more about our Northern California, Marin and Santa Rosa Coolsculpting options!


Dr. Heather Furnas

About Dr. Heather Furnas

Inspired by watching her plastic surgeon father operate in African bush hospitals, Dr. Heather Furnas followed in his footsteps, training at Stanford and serving on the Harvard clinical faculty. She and her husband, Dr. Paco Canales, practice together in Santa Rosa, California, where they raised their two children. (To learn more about their practice, visit She believes an informed patient is more likely to be a happy patient and is committed to providing that education. If you have any suggestions for topics you'd like to learn more about, she would love to hear from you!

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13 Responses to Freeze the Fat Away with CoolSculpting

  1. Kellee Clower says:

    I am interested in getting pricing and more Info on the coolsculpting.

  2. Mary says:

    I had this done once, about 1.5 years ago. Can you have multiple areas done at once – upper, lower stomach and love handles? Thanks.

  3. teresa says:

    Is Cool Sculpting only used for the torso down? What areas can you not have this procedure done on?

    • As CoolSculpting develops more heads, the possiblities are expanding. If you would like to come in for a consult, we can evaluate the areas you are interested in to see if those areas are amenable to treatment.

      Dr. F

  4. Audry Hrdina says:

    I believe this is a wonderful alternative to more intrusive procedures

  5. Cory says:

    I absolutely want to try this, I am at an ideal weight but have a kangaroo pouch, interested to know how much it costs? I also read that some people have pain 3-4 days after the procedure which lasts up to two weeks?

    • The cost of the procedure depends on volume, size of the area(s), etc. You can call our office at (707) 537-2111 to speak with one of our staff members or, better yet, come in for evaluation for an accurate quote. Most people have little to no pain and can go about their regular activities. Having significant or prolonged pain is rare, but possible.

  6. Heather Anderson says:

    I am super interested in this! It looks so easy and pain-free!

  7. Angelina Chavez says:

    What is the healing time for this procedure?

    • There’s no actual healing time. You can go to work the next day if you want. Most people are a little sore for a few days but not enough to need any pain medicine or even Tylenol. There’s minimal, if any bruising in most cases.

  8. Bing says:

    I super loved my result on coolsculpting and it was painless,had a nap while on the machine hahaha!!
    Thanks to my super awesome nurse Kelli xo

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